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Meet Faylene

Faylene Dancer Hudson, APRN
Graduate of UNMC in 2006
Accredited through ANCC
Specialty Interests:
Family Practice
Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Gut Health
Dermatology and Cosmetic skin care/conditions
Quality of life 
​Complementary Medicine

I got into nursing by the Lord's design. I was a florist and youth worker first and I didn't know what I wanted to do for sure.

My mom is a hard working nurse and I started being her gopher around the age of thirteen, with her Red Cross blood draws. I was exposed to nursing and medicine, as all children of nurses are.

When I moved to Nebraska, I tried back-breaking CNA work, and decided I'd try LPN school to see if nursing and medicine were really my interests.

I love learning.  I love how our bodies function and I love intervening to help the body. I found myself to be a natural caregiver and I had so much compassion for people.

I decided to go from LPN to RN with my Bachelors degree. During my RN clinicals and work at various hospitals, a big shift in me occurred; my desire was to prevent people from getting sick and going into the hospital in the first place.

At that point I set my eyes on going all the way through to achieve my Masters degree and become a family practitioner. Deep in my heart the desire to have my own practice was birthed without me even realizing it (Holy SPIRIT seed planted). I wanted to start a faith-based practice because we are body, soul, and spirit; I wanted the freedom to speak spiritual truth into people's lives, which can be more healing than medication.

In January 2014 I had a very clear word from the Spirit, that will make up part of the next phase of my journey.  He whispered...God is ready to show His power in your area through healing.  

It's time.


The "Family" at Family First Health Center

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