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This procedure is for facial rejuvenation including:

Tone, Texture, Pigment, & Reducing Scars

With repeated treatments, you are building collagen for skin texture & resurfacing

via micro injuries for softer, springier skin!

*May also be used on neck and other areas of the body


Basic Microneedling

With your basic microneedling, we use an advanced hyaluronic serum to enhance your results and get you to your desired goal. You will numb with a topical cream for 10-15 minutes before the procedure​

$250 Per Treatment​

$875 for 4 Pack of Treatments

PRP Microneedling

With Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) microneedling, we draw your blood, spin it down to separate your plasma for your perfect "serum". We apply your plasma onto your face, which will enhance anti-aging results with collagen stimulation, tightening, texture, and pore improvement.


$600 Per Treatment


Morpheus 8 & Body

With Morpheus, we use radiofrequency energy to enhance skin tightening for the face & body.


The depth of the treatment is 2-4mm based on your skin needs. The energy goes through the needle tips, creating a much deeper area of treatment depth & intensity for better tightening results. You will numb with a topical cream for 1 hour prior to procedure.

We recommend 3 treatments 4-6 weeks ap​art.

*Varies based on your needs, skin concerns, and goals


Full Face: $650 Per Treatment

Neck: $550 Per Treatment

Face & Neck: $1,000 Per Treatment

Eyes: $350​ Per Treatment

Abdomen, Arms, Thighs (Body):
$750 Per Treatment​

3 Pack: $2,000

Deciding on the right treatment can be stressful, let us help you! Make an appointment for a Cosmetic Consultation with one of our team members!

Consultation Fee:  There is a charge of $65 for first time Skin Consultation Appointments. 

However, if you have a skin procedure done that same day, you will receive $50.00 of that back as a credit toward your procedure. 

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