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Making the invisible, visible

What if you could see your brain health improve in real-time? With Mendi, you can. Experience the benefits of neurofeedback training from the comfort of your own home.


Measure your brain activity


The soft Mendi headband is fitted with non-intrusive sensors that bring your brain activity to life. As you place the headband across your forehead and start the game, Mendi begins to measure oxygenated blood flow in response to neural activity in your prefrontal cortex.


Visualize and train your brain


The Mendi headband makes brain training tangible by visualizing your neural activity in the Mendi neurofeedback game. Make the ball rise and earn points. The ball’s movement upwards alongside streaks in collecting points indicates an increase in brain activity.


Track progress with the Mendi Score


Measure progress, compare results over time, and track improvements with the Mendi Score. The Mendi score is a representation of how well you activate your prefrontal cortex when training, compared with your historical data, how diligently you stick to the habit of training, and how long your Mendi sessions are on average.

Add tags and notes to your sessions to record your journey towards better brain health.

Mendi Headband

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