The human body requires alpha lipoic acid (ALA). It works as an antioxidant that can fight off potentially harmful free radicals‚ which can cause you or feel older than your years. In addition‚ it promotes the absorption and activity of vitamin E and vitamin C.

Alpha lipoic acid may help maintain nervous system health. It does this through its ability to promote circulation between nerve cells‚ while having the potential to manage the activity of nitric oxide metabolites.

Due to its involvement in metabolic processes‚ alpha lipoic acid may also support energy production by the muscles. Having more energy can allow you to exercise comfortably‚ which has its own health benefits. ALA also promotes liver health and your body's processing of glucose.

While your body can naturally produce alpha lipoic acid‚ the amounts it makes may not be sufficient for optimal well-being. For all these reasons‚ a supplement like Alpha Lipoic Acid 600 mg by Pure Encapsulations may be right for you.

One vegetable capsule provides 600 milligrams of ALA‚ the maximum strength available from Pure Encapsulations. The fact that it's both water-soluble and fat-soluble ensures effective absorption of its benefits.

Take one or two capsules daily‚ in divided doses with meals. Each 120-capsule bottle of Pure Encapsulations' Alpha Lipoic Acid 600 mg is the perfect size for stocking up!

Pure Encapsulations seeks to formulate and manufacture high-quality‚ hypo-allergenic dietary supplements. Quality control during the formulation and manufacturing process is paramount. All Pure Encapsulations products are made with the most bioavailable ingredients possible.

Pure Encapsulations Alpha Lipoic Acid (600mg) - 120 Capsules

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