your mind,

body, and spirit


your balance

and wholeness


your body from the inside to the "skin-side" out


and restart your new life

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Intimacy Health Options

for men & women! 


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Specializing in Quality of Life

"Our mission is to share Christ's light and love through excellence in nursing and medicine. To ease suffering. To strive for the highest quality of life. To encourage and build hope. For all who enter through our doors to be healed."

                                         --Faylene Dancer Hudson, APRN


“Best holistically balanced doctors office I've ever experienced! Christian based is a bonus! Faylene has the knowledge and expertise to treat traditionally or naturally, you get to choose. Treating quality of life is her gift and calling!”



"The caring, attentive staff at Family First is top notch! Faylene is so knowledgable in her hormone therapy treatments, and they are literally LIFE CHANGING!"   


-J.M. Age 37               

“I feel like a new person. I have more energy than I ever thought possible.  I’m thrilled not having hot flashes and sweating. I’m so pleased with my results.” 
                                              – R.R. Age 70

“Within 3 days my hot flashes were gone! I had an increased sex drive, more energy and was sleeping better. It’s totally worth it! ”
                                              – Female Age 54

"When I first met with Faylene I was very unhappy with life in general.  I was constantly tired, had no ambition, was waking up almost every night in a sweat, had no sex drive, I had weight gain, and I felt bloated most of the time.  I did the hormone pellet treatment along with the functional medicine.  I tested positive for SIBO and with Faylene's help I have been able to heal my gut and improve my health greatly. I have energy and ambition again, my sex drive is back, I have lost weight, and sleeping through the night and my overall outlook on life is back to normal.  I am so thankful for Faylene and her help in getting me back to me!"

                                                       43 y.o. female

"I'm so happy I found this, I found you here.

I do not want to do traditional medicine, so I do not go to a doctor. I also am a believer, so faith is important to me, without that you don't have the whole person.  I am already feeling results after my first pellet. I am so excited about not ignoring my health anymore and feeling better."

                                        -59 y.o. from North Platte

"About 9 or 10 o'clock in the morning I would start feeling sleepy. It would eventually pass. Now I don't experience it anymore.  I have a more relaxed mood and I don't get irritable."


70 year old male from north platte after his first bioidentical  testosterone pellet