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The NeuroWell Nexus Home Brain Trainer targets specific brain frequencies using flashing light and tones/music to improve brain function.
This unit comes with:
1. Neurowell Nexus Brain Trainer Device
2. 94 sessions covering a wide range of health benefits
3. White Earbuds
4. 3 pairs of glasses (see-through full immersion)
5. Charging Cords
6. Comprehensive 20 page Manual
7. Small pouch for 3 sets of glasses



The eyes closed glasses allow you to do entrainment while sitting or laying down and are not as intense as the immersion glasses. The user will still receive a string training session with eyes closed, as the flashing lights can be seen through eyelids. You can use these with your eyes open as well while sitting or laying down.


These are for the ultimate sensory experience. They come with a shield around the eyes to block out peripheral vision. Your eyes should be open while wearing these to start. You can close them if the light is too intense. Use ONLY when relaxing in a stationary position.


These have eye holes so you can see normally while you are using them. These are ideal for use when you still want to perform tasks while using
your system. You can read, work on the computer, watch TV, do chores, go for a walk or socialize with them on. Do NOT use them while driving or
operating dangerous equipment.

Neurowell Nexus Home Trainer Full Package

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