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Catch the initiatives of heaven and you will unlock heavenly finance, heavenly healing, heavenly deliverance, resurrections from the dead, wisdom for business, government, and family, new levels of creativity, inventions, influence, and dunamis power (to mention a few). The world needs someone who can access heaven. That someone can be you!

“Catching The Initiatives of Heaven” is a phrase Dennis Walker uses to describe what we are all called to do: to see and hear exactly what Jesus is doing in heaven, and copy it on earth, lining up heaven and earth, bringing explosive changes here on earth. Heaven’s laws override earthly laws of gravity, time, math, science, and physics. On earth one plus one equals two. In heaven one plus one equals whatever God wants it to be! We can be the connectors of that kind of power to earth. The key is in learning how to connect. That key is taught in this book in a very practical and biblical way.

Get ready to be launched into a new and powerful way of living that will transform your life and the world around you! Learn how to catch the initiatives of heaven!

Catching the Initiatives of Heaven

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