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We have all experienced battles with thoughts that need to be diffused anddefeated. We have all battled mental strongholds, though we may nothave realized it.  A stronghold of the mind is a lie that Satan has establishedin our thinking that we count as true but is actually a false belief.  When weembrace these lies, they affect our attitudes, emotions, and behaviors.
 God wants all of His children to walk in victory and freedom in their thoughtlives.  But the Bible tells us that we have an evil and deceptive enemy who is“the father of lies and of all that is false” (John 8:44, AMP).
 Defeating Strongholds of the Mind explains how Satan traps us in lies andfalse perceptions.  It shows us how to partner with God, enter into worship,and embrace our kingdom identity to gain victory through:

  • Identifying thinking patterns that can become strongholds
  • Explaining how certain types of entertainment can negatively influence our thinking
  • Offering specific prayers to bring victory in the mental battles we fight
  • Sharing stories from people who have overcome the deceptions, struggles, and strongholds in their minds

Defeating Strongholds of the Mind

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