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If you’re looking for a supplement that could potentially work to cleanse your gastrointestinal tract‚ you might want to try Bio-Botanical Research’s G.I. Detox™.

First‚ each capsule of G.I. Detox™ provides over 500 milligrams of pyrophyllite clay. Notably‚ the electrolytes in this clay contain free ions that might serve as antioxidants; as a result‚ this Bio-Botanical Research supplement may work to protect your cells from free radical damage. Moreover‚ pyrophyllite clay’s negative electro-magnetic charge means that it may be able to draw toxins out of your tissues and organs.

In addition‚ the activated charcoal in G.I. Detox™ could potentially act to bind with toxins and other unwanted substances in your gut; this makes them easier to remove from your body. According to proponents of alternative medicine‚ activated charcoal may also help address certain symptoms associated with minor gastrointestinal discomfort‚ such as mild gas or bloating.

G.I. Detox + by Bio-Botanical Research Inc.

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