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Are you looking for a way to ramp up your body's natural defenses? L-lysine may be a solution. It's an amino acid‚ meaning that it serves as a building block for proteins. Since l-lysine is not produced by the human body‚ it's considered an essential amino acid; therefore‚ you need to ensure sufficient intake through either food or supplements.

Lysine may support healthy and strong bones‚ which are less likely to weaken or break. It may promote the absorption of calcium‚ which is the mineral mainly responsible for building bone mass (as well as supporting strong teeth). At the same time‚ it can decrease the amount of calcium that is excreted from the body. L-Lysine also encourages increased bone-building activity in the cells‚ including the collagen-building cells.

In addition‚ l-lysine may boost immunity. It can do this by helping maintain healthy gum and lip tissues. The lips and gums are areas where viruses or bacteria may be able to enter the body‚ so keeping them strong may prevent you from getting sick. Finally‚ lysine may help decrease feelings of mild anxiety.

l-Lysine by Pure Encapsulations - 90 capsules

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