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What if the world's view of success is God's definition of failure? What if your beliefs about marriage, career, or money aren't based on God's values, but upon those of a broken culture? 

When Dale Partridge's outwardly perfect life, marriage, and family were crumbling on the inside, he began questioning if culture's definition of success was something to seek after or to be saved from. What he found challenged everything he believed about "the good life" and equipped him to rebuild an even better life upon God's timeless principles. 

With straight talk and without mincing words, Dale offers readers a bold vision for charting their lives. But, he says, these ideas are not his. They are part of God's blueprint for living. Each chapter provides a sharp contrasting picture of "what culture says" with "what God taught me." Peppered with Scripture verses, sprinkled with gripping personal stories, and packed with practical advice, Saved from Success is the book millions of burned-out and bedraggled Christians have been waiting for.

Saved From Success

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