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Words are the most powerful things in the universe! The words you speak will either put you over in life or hold you in bondage.

Many people have been held captive in their circumstances by their own words. The absence of God's word in your life will rob you of faith in his ability.

Receive from God!

Put yourself in a position to receive God's best for you by speaking his Word. God's creative power is still just as it was in the beginning of time when he stood there and said, "Light-be," and light was. His word spoken from your mouth and conceived in your heart become a spiritual force releasing his ability within you.

Creative power in you!

Man was created in the image of God and his likeness. Learn to speak his faith-filled words to your situation and see your life transformed. Allow God's creative power to flow from you. "I have told my people they can have what they say, but my people are saying what they have".

The Tongue- A Creative Force

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