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Glutamine is the most prevalent amino acid in the bloodstream! If you have read the book GUT by Giulia Enders, you know how important gut health is in the overall function of the human body. Glutamine provides fuel for intestinal cell growth, aids in the absorption of nutrients and helps prevent food allergies. 


So no matter how healthy you think you’re eating, if you don’t have enough glutamine you won’t be able to digest all of those luscious nutrients. It also feeds immune cells in the body, allowing white blood cells to grow. In certain circumstances we find this supplement extraordinarily beneficial. Though the body can internally produce Glutamine, stress inflammation, or injury may eat up your supplies, leaving nothing for the rest of your body’s regular requirements. Prolonged periods of exhaustive exercise have also been known to leave the body depleted. 


Add L-Glutamine to your regimen if you are going through any strenuous recoveries from extreme or acute injury, undue stress, or leaky or abnormal gut function.

Thorne L-Glutamine Powder

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